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Smart City Global Technology & Investment Summit

June 27-28 2018, Algiers

Creating the smart cities of the future

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2018 Speaker Lineup | Over 150 Speakers announced

TMT Finance

Riadh Boukhris

Riadh Boukhris
Founder & CEO, Blue Mena Group, Dubai, UAE

Speaker Profile

Riadh is a visionary entrepreneur devoted to advancing the field of customer service. He is the founder, and CEO of Blue Mena Group, based in Dubai Internet City, since 2008. And the president of Altitude Software MENA, since 2000.

Riadh held numerous senior positions in multinational technology companies around the world where he was involved or lead customer service developement accelerations across all sectors: banking, government, healthcare, insurance, telecom, and retail, etc, for 20 years. His roles were mainly consulting, head of accounts or managing director. He has also built and has been leading the strategic partnership with Detecon in MENA region, for the last 16 years. 

Riadh holds two Master Degrees in Microelectronics and computer Science from the University of Nice in 1988 and completed his business education with International Master Program at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, in 2002.

Blue Mena is the Customer-Service-Elevation™ company in the Middle East and North Africa.

Blue Mena’s vision is to make the Middle East and North Africa region a world leader in customer service for the people to enjoy the Right-Customer-Service™ anytime, anywhere.

Blue Mena team is devoted to co-create with its clients what it takes for them to deliver the Right-Customer-Service™, to reach their highest business potential and to become role models in their industries.

Main highlights about Blue Mena Group


We care about our people, our clients, and our communities in everything we do.

We share our know-how, our discoveries and our passion for Customer-Service-Elevation™.

We dare to be different, to embrace new challenges and to foster innovation in customer service.


Blue Mena’s in-house Customer-Service-Elevation™ framework covers behavioural sciences, service design thinking, technology, and communication.


Blue Mena is a blend of Customer-Service-Elevation™ practitioners including service designers, IT experts, operations analysts, data scientists. They endeavor to work with a forward-looking approach to portray with their clients the journey to deliver the Right-Customer-Service™, and walk that path with them to the destination.


Blue Mena’s community is a stronghold of visionary entrepreneurs, worldwide recognized academic researchers, and dedicated practitioners.