Xavier Reille
Country Manager, IFC

Speaker Profile

Xavier Reille is the new Director of the IFC Maghreb office. Appointed to this position in December 2017, he is in charge of the development and management of consulting and investment operations for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Xavier joined IFC in 2011 as manager of the financial inclusion program for North Africa and the Middle East. In recent years, he headed the financial sector consulting department for the Europe, Middle East and North Africa region from Istanbul. With 10 years experience at the World Bank as a senior manager, Xavier has been the founding chairman of the Microfinance Information Exchange platform for the microfinance industry. From 2005 to 2008, he led the G8 Financial Inclusion Program for the MENA region after being a CGAP World Bank leader for 5 years. Prior to continuing his career with the World Bank Group, Xavier created and managed several investment funds in Southeast Asia. He has also worked for SIDI, a venture capital firm dedicated to SMEs. Xavier has also held positions of directors of banks and investment companies in emerging countries. Xavier is a graduate of ENSIA Agro Paris Tech and is the author of 20 publications on the theme of financial inclusion

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