Pr Claude Rochet
, University of Versailles

Speaker Profile

Prof. Claude Rochet first graduated in History at the Sorbonne, is a former student of Ecole Nationale d’Administration, owns a Phd in public management, full professor in Aix-Marseille University and graduated in competitive intelligence. His career takes place both in the private and the public sectors.
He has been a high executive in the steel industry before becoming a consultant in France and Canada, working mainly with automotive industry.
After having studied on-the-job management in system innovation and organizational transformation, he came back to an academic career to value his experience and
ground it on robust theoretical bases.
His researches and publications deal with the role of the state in the history of development, institutional economy, political philosophy of the common good, social innovation, process reengineering and complex systems design.
Since 2011, while being a full professor at Aix Marseille University, he was head of the research laboratory of competitive intelligence at the ministry of Economy and Finances in Paris, till his retirement in 2016, where he fostered researches on smart cities modeling and management.
His current researches bear on innovation in public sector and development economics, with a specific emphasis on smart cities as complex systems.

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