Nabila Lazreg
Unconventional Resource Advisor,

Speaker Profile

Nabila has almost 20 years’ experience delivering large scale exploration and development projects, solutions to complex projects and technology changes to oil companies around USA, Canada, MENA, Europe and Australia.

She has strong hands on field experience, technical and reservoir engineering skills which allow her to put pieces of the puzzle together to impact the overall project from design to delivery.

She has been focusing primarily on unconventional reservoir (tight and shale oil and gas) since 2004. Evaluated and worked on most tight and shale play across USA, Canada, North Africa, Europe and Australia; recognized as Stimulation subject matter expert and Unconventional resources Solution Manager.

Her last assignment was with Marathon oil in Houston where she looked after technology application and Innovation for the company. Looking at efficient and creative ways to evaluate these complex reservoirs and produce the hydrocarbon at profitable cost with minimum environmental impact.

She is passionate about finding ways to use artificial intelligence and data analytic in the Big data industry has collected past decade developing these shale, and help recreate more sustainable Shale 2.0

Nabila is actively involved in managing public concern on fracturing environmental impact, worked closely with regulatory and environment organization in Poland, Spain, North Africa, Canada and USA.

Nabila holds a master degree in mechanical engineering from Ecole Nationale Polyechnique d’Alger.

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