Marco Buemi
Sustainable Development and Social Innovation Manager, City of Bologna, Italy

Speaker Profile


Marco Buemi has worked for 15 years with sustainable development and social inclusion issues. He started in 2003 for the Swedish Ministry for Integration and Social Inclusion and from 2005 until 2015 for the Italian Government in the Ministry for Equal Opportunities as Coordinator on  EU funding programmes and Project Manager for social innovation and inclusion projects. Since 2016 he is an Expert for URBACT programme, the European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development, for the projects CHANGE! and City Centre Doctor. He is a specialist consultant for Bologna Municipality on crowdfunding for social innovation initiatives. He teaches in several Italian and Swedish universities Social changes and Sustainable development. On these issues he has published the following books: Burma, beyond repression (2009); South Africa in black and white (2010); Differently Sweden (2011); Urban Diversity (2011); Brazil a global challenge (2014); The Diversity Management for an inclusive growth. Strategies and instruments (2016).

He has a blog on L’Espresso magazine called “Sustainable Objective”






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