Dr. Vishal Sharma
Principal, Metanoai, Silicon Valley

Speaker Profile

Vishal Sharma is a seasoned international networking expert, with global exposure, who has executed assignments on 4 continents, and worked both in the US and India. Vishal is a technologist, researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur rolled into one (http://linkd.in/NnAFvd), and is Principal at Metanoia, Inc. - a niche Bay-Area firm providing expertise to leaders in the telecom ecosystem that he founded in 2001. 


He focuses on helping vendors and wireless/wireline service providers become more profitable through an optimization of their strategy, operations, and product/service architectures, with an emphasis on SDN, NFV,  and cloud infrastructure, readying them for the advent of 5G and IoT. He also maintains an active  practice as a technology consulting expert on intellectual property to leading law firms and investment houses.


Within IoT, Vishal's focus is on the protocols and architectures of the underlying infrastructure that will support different IoT services, in the networking of IoT devices, as well as the business models to support IoT services. An additional focus is the complex intellectual property questions that arise as IoT data collection and dissemination gets democratized.


Vishal's interest in applying networking and IoT principles to smart cities goes back to 2015, when he began exploring the use-cases for IoT in city infrastructure, and was fascinated by what was possible. His interests in talent and technology transfer go back to his days as a faculty member at IIT Bombay, where he worked to synthesize industry-academia partnerships, both within India and abroad, that would lead to fruitful exchanges enhancing both partners.


He  manages the 11,800+ person-strong, vibrant Carrier Ethernet Group http://bit.ly/2j0hDiV, with members from 3,128+ companies and 140+ countries on all 6 inhabited continents. Vishal earned his B. Tech (EE) degree from IIT Kanpur, and his MS (Signals & Systems), MS (Computer Engineering), and Ph.D. degrees from UC Santa Barbara.


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